A Girl like Fifi: Fifi Herself


614592_10151567112048135_726197565_oGrowing up in a very traditional society that had expectations of what a girl/woman should be, I was very secluded. As a consequence, to escape the female ideals that were prevalent and hovered over me daily, I made my imagination/dreams my reality and my best friend. I learned to best express myself and my OWN expectations of the woman I would one day become through written words. In turn, I also learned to soothe my soul through encouraging written words.

The bible was my go-to-book long before I truly understood God outside the rigid doctrines of my Christian denomination. Poetry flowed through my veins and I saw the colours and felt the rhythms underneath written words. When I finally became a woman and began to truly experience life outside the seclusion of my traditional society, I became much more aware of the need to continue to soothe the girl in me in a fast-paced world that objectifies the human body, glorifies material things and ignores the pain, turmoil, fear and anxiety of the girl-child/woman.

I have experienced life in a way that I never believed was possible. I have experienced the disappointments of failure, the cutting pain of betrayals, heartbreaks and the anxiety that comes with all the aforementioned. I have sought for a sense of self in a world that is quick  to define you. I have had to continually build my self-esteem and be strong even in the face of fear. Regardless of all of this, still I stand with my head up knowing that out in the world are many girls and women like me with stories to share and even greater testimonies of their survival through life.

It is my hope that this little blog of mine, as well as my personal experiences, which I will share over time, will in some way inspire other girls like me to beautify their inner self…to rely on the sparks therein and keep pushing to be the best unique self they can be. Remember “nothing can dim the light which shines from within” – Maya Angelou.



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