Saturday Poem: Testament

Retrieved from Tumblr. Please tag photographer

O God

I will do thy will.

I will

to do thy will.


How can my will

will to do thy will?

If I will

to know thy will

then I fall on my own will.

How can I will to love or to obey?

My very willing bars the way.

Willingness becomes self-will.


O God

if thou will

turn my will to thy will

if thou will

tell me thy will

it will

be in spite of

not because of

my will.


Help me to lose my will.

Each day

let my will die

so will I

be born.

New born will I live

Willingly, lovingly

and will

will be no more


will be thine

O God

if thou will.


Poem by Madeleine L’Engle


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