Fifi’s tidbits: How humble are you?

Culled From: Say What Today

She walks straight. She exudes confidence in her every smile. Her grip when shaking your hand is firm yet soft. Her eyes focused and unafraid.

She outranks all around her. With the strength of her voice and the resolve of her words, her decisions are final. She is articulate. Poised. Elegant. Intimidating. Yet, quite strangely, at the beginning of each work day, this woman, whose gait causes even the strongest of men to tremble, walks over to a tiny cubicle that the entry level staff would typically sit at to work and she unpacks.

She sets up her computer and begins working away. The big office with the best view of the city, she ignores. Hand waiting and butt kissing, she pretends not to notice. She smiles at every one who passes by and in being so unassuming, despite all of her authority, an already great woman is even greater.

I see this woman each day at work and I am in awe of her humility. Though a managing partner of one of the biggest global auditing firms, she reminds me in her daily display of humility that to be great, one must truly be willing to be little.

So my question to you, dear girls like Fifi: How humble are you?

Be aware that if you do not humble yourself, life will definitely give you a long, painful lesson in humility. Like my managing partner, walk strong, be firm but always mindful that you do not ever think that you are better than anyone.



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