What makes you tick?

Photographer: Aneta Inanova. Culled from: http://www.art-spire.com

Someone told me very recently that my corporate job was the wrong place for me. She told me outrightly that I was not making use of my God-given talent. Evidently, my corporate job pays the bills and gives me a sense of purpose with the hope of promotions etc. but I couldn’t and still can’t help but think how right she is.

I lay in bed for most of that night thinking about the one thing that keeps me happy, excited, enthusiastic, energized, in utter glee and never ending joy…pssst, it was easy. WRITING. For one, it comes easy to me and it is the one thing I never get tired of.

Sadly, my 9 to 5  (more like 8am to 10pm in busy season) tends to take precedence over my whole life and my talent takes a permanent back seat but the more I feel burned out from working with the suits, the more I realize I need to run towards the one thing that keeps me going and excited. I need doses of this inbred ‘drug’ daily. Writing a sentence a day often suffices and an otherwise gloomy day suddenly brightens up.

Have you ever sat back to think about the one thing you could do day in and day out without getting exhausted? Have you thought about that fire within that keeps blazing fiery and fearfully stronger the more you leave it unattended?

Like me, find what makes you tick. It isn’t always about money or recognition. It is living your purpose fearlessly and persistently.



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